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Energy Healing

Reiki and Energetic Healing


About Me

Hi! My name is Ellen. I am certificated in Energy Medicine, and am a Reiki Master. Energy healing is my passion, and I am excited to work with you! Please reach out if you have any questions! Looking forward to connecting with you if this resonates!

"Be like the moon, and inspire people even when you are far from full."

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My Treatments

Energy Healing
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Reiki Energy Healing

One-on-one session that clears negative/stagnant (whatever adjective you would use to describe) energy in the whole body. Allow yourself the time to float away and heal old wounds and stagnant energy. Student discount available.

Long Distance Reiki Energy Healing Session

The exact same process as an in-person Reiki energy healing session, only done over Zoom or voice call. Time and space are an illusion, so Reiki healing is equally effective from a distance.

Informational Energy Reading Call

Zoom call with me to receive more in-depth information about healing. Receive an energy reading to help identify energy blockages, and where you hold your energy. This call can cover any topic one wants to go more in depth about, including but not limited to: limiting beliefs, law of attraction, energy medicine, or learning reiki.

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